Mission accomplished!
MT-5 is a unique airframe. It left Belgium in 1978 and via Israel, ended up as a warbird in the USA. We first heard from the previous owner in 2001 and stayed in touch. He took great care of her and restored her as the most complete and original BAF Fouga. An article on the restoration is available on our website. In 2013 he contacted us again, as he wanted to find a new home for it. We agreed the airframe belonged back in Belgium, and so Magister Aviation started looking for a suitable new owner. The Stampe & Vertongen museum soon seemed like the best solution, and luckily they agreed! Both parties started negotiations and in march 2015, MT-5 arrived back in Belgium. This unique aircraft is airworthy and so a flying BAF Fouga will grace our skies once again. The first to do so since 2007!