Painting the Dayglo
To celebrate 45 years of operation, Magister Aviation proposed to repaint Fouga serial MT-35 in it's 1970's trainer colors. The proposal was submitted to and accepted by the Air Force on the condition that it would cost nothing to them. Since the special Dayglo paint was no longer in the AF inventory, sponsoring was sourced by Magister Aviation and provided by Akzo Nobel paints. The aircraft was repainted by us in collaboration with L Van Grinderbeek over a two day period.

Stencils reapplied

The result
After serial MT-48 was retired from service, MT-35 became the new solo display aircraft. It made the last ever flight of a Belgian Fouga in 2007. For the last display season, some nose-art was added by us. Again in collaboration with the 1W logo- and paintshop.

"The last whistling turtle" nose-art