Application of the SQN emblems
When our Solo Display Col. Rorive teamed up with ex-Red Devil pilot Gen. Buyse, the Dual Display was born. Not wanting to use the regular RD paint sheme, plans were drawn to create a special scheme. It had to include the 249.000HRS+ markings and all the emblems of the SQNs who flew the Fouga throughout its history. Unfortunatly due to budget constraints, we could not repaint the entire aircraft, so the basic color scheme was kept. The tiptanks however received a complete makeover.
Almost all markings were designed as vector-based art and then cut from vinyl tape. The smoke swirls on the tiptanks were airbrushed. The work was done by Magister Aviation in collaboration with L Van Grinderbeek, W Peeters (C/C Fouga) and the 1W logo- and paintshop. Aircraft painted were MT-26 (Gen Buysse)and MT-48 (Col Rorive). Small differences were made in the paint scheme of both aircraft to keep the modellers and spotters busy ;)


Application of the 249.000+ HRS markings

Close-up of emblems and pilot name