The Fouga had 2 7.62 AA52 machine guns (Arme Automatique Transformable Modèle 1952) in the nose. Aiming was done by means of a Sadir Carpentier GGS MK IV E gunsight. Hits were recorded by a Sephot type 20 gun camera. To adjust the gunsight one needs to twist the right throttle grip.
Each wing had 2 hardpoints. These were used to carry T10(live) or T900(training) rockets and 50KG bombs.

MT-47 fully armed with guns, 4 T10 rockets and 2 50KG bombs

The complete gun assembly consisting of gunmount, guns and gunsight

Guns installed in nose

The hydrolics in the nose to arm the guns

The gun body

The complete gunmount installed on the nose frame